Metric and imperial Dk-Lok tube fitting has stepped shoulder on body and nut hex. Shaped fitting such as tee, elbow, and cross forging has no such step on body.
V81 series ball valve offers a safe and reliable performance for a wide range of onshore and offshore application: water, oil, gas, petrocheminal and general duty application.
Traps fine contamination to maintain system purity Gas and liquid filtration.
Standard micron filtering ranges: 0.5, 2, 7, 15, 60 and 90 microns Replaceable S 316 sintered elements.
Simple to operate: Push to connect, pull body sleeve to disconnect. SS316 construction with standard FKM O-ring. Brass construction with standard NBR O-ring.
DK-LOK RCQ series receptacles fully comply with and are certified to the ANSI/AGA/CGA/NGV1 and ECE R110 standards for Compressed Natural Gas Vehicles(NGV) fueling connection devices.
Meterial: stainless steel(316/316L).
Use the tube diameter:1/4~1 inch sizes.
Working temperature: -325 to 850 oF (-200 ~ 454oC)
DK-LOK A269/A213 seamless bright annealed stainless steel grade TP316/316L tubing.
This no-go gap gauge is useful tool to inspect the DK-LOK initially pulied-up.
On initial assembly, apply DK-LOK no-go gap inspection gauge to make sure that the make-up distance is sufficiently pulled-up.
V81 series ball valve offers a safe and reliable performance for a wide range of onshore and offshore applications: water, oil, gas, petrochemical and general duty applications.
It is featured that the diaphragm valve serves economical, high performance and high cycle life time.

The diaphragm valve is used for shut-off, isolation in gas control systems, and analyzer sampling systems.

The valve ensures positive and consistent shut-off with manual and offers a metal to metal seal to atmosphere for leak integrity with thin plate diaphragm.
The High Pressure Regulator valve is featured by controlling the pressure toward downstream from zero to 1,000 psig (68.9 barg) precisely and keeping the downstream pressure constantly after adjusting, though the upstream pressure may be fluctuated unexpectedly.

The diaphragm made of thin plate of stainless steel is positioned between the body and housing to make sure of stable sealing characteristics and keep the control volume.